Very instructive wind tunnel tests for the VDS GT001-R


VDS GT001-RSince the official announcement concerning the withdrawal from the 24 Hours of Spa, they have not been dawdling at VDS Cars, and the development of the VDS GT001-R is being carried out at a sustained pace.
These last few days, the most recent Belgian car to date headed off for France, not with the intention of sounding out the asphalt on a sun-drenched track, but to enter a wind tunnel, in the quest to find a perfect aerodynamic balance.
These test were successfully carried out at the Institut Aéro Technique de Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole, located on the outskirts of Versailles.

There was a double objective with these wind tunnel tests, Patrick Bataille, who is in charge of the DS GT001-R’s technical development, explained. First and foremost it was a question of focussing on the car’s aerodynamic balance, and to improve the support and the aerodynamic coefficient (Cx). And the results are very positive, because as from now we can set-up the car in an ideal manner. We also worked on the airflow under the car by improving the extractor and the bottom plate. Notwithstanding the fact that not all the data has been thoroughly analysed as yet, our visit to the IAT was truly worthwhile … »

In total some thirty odd tests were carried out, and a fair amount was learned regarding the car’s aerodynamic characteristics …

By definition a car with an inverted frontage, as in the case of the VDS GT001, is difficult to set-up, Patrick Bataille continued. By multiplying these wind tunnel tests one soon learns which avenues not to go down. Seeing the different solutions are tested under rigorously similar conditions, the verdict is without appeal. It’s highly instructive, and will allow us to save a fair amount of time in the future.

Once all this information has been digested, the VDS will once again take to the track, which will in fact already be the case on 15th and 16th July at Spa-Francorchamps.
Since Dubai we have been carrying out tests in the field of chassis torsion, a complete reassembly of the car and now with these highly important aerodynamic tests, Raphaël van der Straten explains. As from now it’s a question of driving, driving and even more driving! The tests at Francorchamps will in fact be the first of a long series, and I must admit that I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of VDS GT001-R pretty soon … »

And for the development work to carry on …

Vincent Franssen

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